Nagashi Somen

Flowing Somen is called "Nagashi Somen" in Japanese, which is an eating custom enjoyed at the "Golden Week Holidays" in Japan. Somen is a Japanese noodle made of wheat flour and salts, which is very thin and white. The noodles are placed in a long flume of bamboo, which carries clear, ice-cold water. As the Somen pass by, diners pluck them out with their chopsticks and dip them in Tsuyu (a light flavored dipping sauce). As you may see, catching the noodles requires a fair amount of dexterity and can be a lot of fun. While searching for new doors to share and engage with our community, Nagashi Somen gave us also the opportunity to experience the richness behind traditions and customs from a different culture. Bringing these experience to CCA allowed us not just to serve a new eating dynamic to our guest, but leading a perfect environment where people could play and enjoy while shearing. One simple bamboo was the line of reflection and our camera our measurement tool. Capturing smiles was the most delightful found and the best sign of the project success. As leaders we feel determined to bring people closer and always reinforce the values of community and collective enjoyment as something that can motivate us to keep moving forward. As the first time I experienced Nagashi-Somen in Japan, today day we had the opportunity to deliver a message that should always keep flowing: leadership as happiness is only real when shared. In collaboration with: Reut Kovets, Pamela Steiner, Jennifer Jones and Laura Smith

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