Everyday, we miss opportunities to connect with the people that matter most in our lives. Be it a birthday, a promotion, or a ride to the airport, most of us don't have the time to find a gift reflective of our appreciation and end up settling for a text message and a pat on the back. In our busy, digitally connected world we often compromise gratitude or affection for convenience. With Delightly you can use your phone to send a gift that’s both genuine and convenient. Delightly will integrate with social media like facebook and linkedin to let users know of their friends or connections birthdays, engagements, and new jobs. Our app will help people turn a small gesture or a friendly thought into something more than a “congratulations text” or a “like” on facebook. With Delightly users will choose the type of gift (coffee, sweets, bottle of wine) and add the dollar amount that they would like to send with it. They will send off their “gift” from their phone with a personal message, be it a small note, amusing video, or enduring photo. The receiver gets to choose where to shop, all they need is a debit card and email address to deposit the cash amount their friend gave them. When the receiver deposits the amount they are prompted to then send back a message, video, or photo to say “thanks.” Delightly allows both giver and receiver the opportunity to have a genuine experience with their friend, with plenty of convenience and flexibility.

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